About 800 participants are estimated to participate in the Integrated Conference of BAQ 2014 and 8th Regional EST Forum in Asia from more than 35 countries worldwide, with one-third coming from outside Asia. Participants to the integrated conference are policymakers at national and city levels responsible for the environment, transport, energy and health, as well as representatives from the academe, NGOs, development agencies, and private sector.

Policymakers, practitioners and industry leaders meet at BAQ to network, innovate, learn and share experiences. Past BAQs have proven to leverage change, influence policies, initiate new projects and programs across Asia and not the least establish innovative partnerships. 

Hong Kong 2002 │ Philippines 2003 │ India 2004 │ Indonesia 2006 │
Thailand 2008   │   Singapore 2010   │   Hong Kong 2012

The Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Forum in Asia, a high-level intergovernmental policy forum, provides a strategic knowledge platform to address policy and institutional challenges concerning environment and transport issues, inviting 24 member countries as well as international organizations, development banks, donors, NGOs and other key stakeholders. It has successfully brought together the environment, transport, and health ministries to promote an integrated approach to deal with the region’s transport and related sustainable development issues, with the adoption of Aichi Statement (2005), Seoul Statement (2009), Bangkok 2020 Declaration (2010-2020), and Bali Declaration on Vision Three Zeros – Zero Congestion, Zero Pollution, and Zero Accidents (2013).

Japan 2005  │ Indonesia 2006 │  Singapore 2008 │  Rep. of Korea 2009
Thailand 2010   │   India 2011   │   Indonesia 2013