The "Integrated Conference of BAQ 2014 and Intergovernmental 8th Regional EST Forum in Asia"  co-organized by the Ministry of Transport of Sri Lanka, The Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy of Sri Lanka, Ministry of the Environment of Japan, United Nations Centre for Regional Development, and Clean Air Asia, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank, German International Cooperation (GIZ), and World Bank.
Next Generation Solutions for Clean Air and Sustainable Transport − Towards a Livable Society in Asia

Recognizing that clean air and sustainable transport are essential to a livable society in Asia, we call for innovative and smart solutions (policy, institution, technology and financing) that significantly reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases from energy, industry, transport, and area sources, and ensure a safe, equitable, environment and people-friendly transport system by accelerating the shift towards more environmentally sustainable transport (EST) in Asian cities and countries.
About the Logo

The Integrated Conference logo has been designed taking many cultural and social implications relevant to Sri Lanka as a multi-ethnic, multi-religious nation living in harmony. The vibrant shades of the word ‘Sri Lanka’ represent the many colours and personalities of the island of Sri Lanka.  The bold, energetic font celebrates the lively, charismatic culture of a country that holds a multitude of diverse treasures. The blue lotus flower represents the national flower of the country, which depicts the authenticity of the nation and its people.

The logo was designed by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.